Friday, June 10, 2011

Computer Plan Review

Computer Plan Review

Well, Michelle and Parry talked to their family over Thanksgiving about the kitchen plan, and realized that opinions are like mouths, everyone has one.

Getting Started.


OK, here's the latest scoop. I guess we really did win the contest! Shad and company came to the house, took pictures, measured the territory, and told us it was actually possible to improve upon our kitchen. Like Shad mentioned before, there are all kinds of possibilities. Shad prepared a few plans for our review. We added other suggestions from family and friends, and then tried to come up with our own best plan. In the end, we really couldn't improve that much on Shad's. So, we're just trying to "tweek" things to fit our own ideosyncracies. It's mostly been just a planning process so far. That's good. We prefer that approach--no designer, contractor, or other menacing surprizes out there. The Portrait Kitchen folks have all been pleasant, patient, and totally professional. We're optimistic about how things are going, although there's still a lot of planning and preparation to do. Up to this point I can tell you--it's great having a professional kitchen designer! I wince at the thought of trying to do this alone.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Worst Kitchen Contest

View below the 2008 Portrait Kitchens "Worst Kitchen Contest" entries. There will be voting by the public in October.